The basement renovation project and the helpful cool cooling technician

Since their home office would be transformed into a playroom for their children, my client contacted me when they wanted to turn their basement into a functional workspace because they needed a relaxing, distraction-free area.

Since they moved in, there had only been a few storage boxes in the room.

Additionally, it lacked an air conditioner, making it too hot and stuffy in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. To improve indoor comfort, we had to install HVAC equipment before we began the interior design. I called the cooling technician from the nearby cooling company that I have always worked with to come over for the planning stage. We decided to install a mini split air conditioner because it would be more practical for them to control it for the basement separately from the rest of the house. I’ve been working with the same cooling specialist for five years, and during that time he has taught me more about air conditioning and the cooling business while I’ve taught him the fundamentals of interior design and how to make sure every high-quality air conditioner he installs blends in with the aesthetics of the home. Within two weeks, we finished the interior work and cooling, and the basement office was ready for use. When the cooling representative visited that home two weeks ago to perform routine air conditioning maintenance, he called me to let me know how pleased the clients were with the installation and how they had recommended him to a friend who needed air conditioning repair. I adore it when projects are completed successfully and clients are satisfied with the comfort-related choices we made. Since that house, I haven’t worked on another basement, but mini splits are a good option if you want to make your basement more useful, especially if you don’t have a window.

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