The day my heating broke down

I could not believe that my central heater broke down the other day right in the middle of a major cold front we were having in the local area. What makes it even worse than that was when I called the local heating and air conditioning company to send out a certified heating and air conditioning specialist to repair my central heating and cooling system’s heater, was that they did not have anyone available the same day! I ended up having to go and stay at a pricey hotel overnight because of this. It was that darn cold out. I really hate this time of the year because it seems everyone’s central heating and air conditioning system breaks down at the same exact time which in turn renders the heating and cooling specialists and companies both major and independent helpless to be able to cater to every single last person’s heating and air conditioning repair needs for heat and a/c home services! When the independent heating and air conditioning contractors are also all booked up and can not help you the same day, you know something is up and something is most definitely wrong! I think that this time of the year they need to hire more additional help for their heating and air conditioning companies so that customers can all be taken care of on the same exact day. Even if it means paying for advanced emergency heating and air conditioning home services, it would be well worth it to do so when the weather is this extreme outside!

hvac worker