The kids are destroying the air conditioner

I live in a nice and quiet neighborhood. Or at least I did until my neighbor came into our neighborhood with her kids. She has two older kids, and they’re both a couple of teenagers and I don’t think they’ve ever learned what the word no means in their entire life. Now I’m not a disciplinarian by any means. In fact, I consider myself to be on the more permissive side because her children are out of control because they run around the neighborhood destroying things for fun. I don’t know if they’re just dumb and don’t think of the consequences of their actions, or if they’re just being reckless teenagers and they don’t care about what they’re doing, and maybe it’s a little bit of both but I do know what they’re doing is wrong. Just last week they smashed all my neighbors’ decorative gnomes that were in the yard. I have to admit I wasn’t unhappy about this because I felt like those things were always watching me. Still, I feel bad for him because I know he liked them. Now for some reason they’re targeting my heating and AC system of all things, I caught one of them this morning about to swing on it with a baseball! I told her mom and warned them but if it happens again I was going to call the police because they were about to destroy my heating and AC system. Something needs to be done about them before something gets destroyed.

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