The way this HVAC system works

This heating and air conditioning system that I have in this house that I am currently renting is utterly annoying to say the least! But I have no choice but to either put up with it or move.

And because I am in a lease I can not move unless I want to pay hundreds of bucks to a lawyer and that would not be worth it.

Because this central heating and air conditioning system does actually work to heat and cool the home. However, it is something where the heating and air conditioning system takes up to 3 minutes to react to the thermostat that is here. For some reason when you go to turn on the central heating and air conditioning system, it will not turn on for about 3 minutes after you turn on the thermostat. And then at the same time, it will take the same amount of time, if not longer to shut off! It is a real darn annoyance. Especially if the house is too hot or too cold from too much heating or too much air conditioning. When you go to shut it off you will not get instant relief! You will have to suffer through another additional 3 to 5 minutes until it finally decides to react and shut down. I have complained about this to the landlord, but of course, as most landlords are, they are slum lords and will not do anything to fix things when you report them. So I am stuck having to deal with this central heating and air conditioning system acting faulty all of the time. But oh well, at least the thing actually works once it turns on!

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