There was a huge increase in cooling costs last summer

Things are expensive at the moment, and it seems this is not the end of it. Not only are the prices of household goods higher, even energy prices are skyrocketing. There has been talk of inflation, and it seems that is the case. Now, I have to spend much more to do the shopping that I would do back in 2019. I knew things would be challenging when the pandemic hit, and it’s clear that it had a huge impact on the world’s economy. Still, I must say I am so thankful to still have my job. I never lost my job during the pandemic, and our boss never asked us to take a pay reduction. So, that has helped so much because I have been saving up. I only wish we can find a way to stabilize the economy and bring down the prices of things like electricity and fuel. Last summer, I felt sick to my stomach when I saw how much I had spent to cool my house. I own a 3 bedroom bungalow and to be honest it is so hard to sleep on a hot summer night without the air conditioning running. So, I chose to keep the cooling system running for months until the temperatures dropped. The winter was mild, so I didn’t have to work the heating unit so much to stay warm. Still, there was a huge increase in cooling costs, and no other way to cool my home. Hopefully, the prices won’t remain as high forever, and we can go back to cooling our homes at an affordable rate.

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