To upgrade the station's air conditioning system

Working with first responders at hospitals, fire stations, and stations always excites me.

I consider it an honor to provide these local heroes with indoor comfort.

I installed HVAC equipment at the police station a few weeks ago. The receptionist’s officer directed us to the location of the high-quality air conditioner. The maintenance of the air conditioning was started first. The mini split air conditioner required air conditioning repair, as was discovered after a careful inspection. After realizing the unit was too damaged, we placed an order with the cooling company for a new air conditioner. We took out the old unit and cleaned the area while we awaited the new one. When the cooling specialists arrived with the unit, we proceeded with the installation. While doing the installation, I saw several offenders in the waiting area; they were waiting to be booked in. Others were filing a case. All kinds of characters were at the station, and I realized how hard the officers’ jobs must be. My fellow cooling representative gave the cops a manual on operating the unit. The manual also guided the cooling tech and the units that encompass the tech. There was a policeman who I found interesting when I noticed he knew more about air conditioning than some of the recruits. In a conversation with one of the police officers, the senior cooling expert had paused. Later, when I questioned my colleague about the situation, he replied that he was guiding the officer through the operation of the unit. Since I started working in the cooling industry, it was one of the jobs with the most excitement.

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