Uncle Steve is a HVAC technician

My uncle is one of the best men in the world.

  • And trust me, this isn’t just hot air.

He is the sort of person who can give you the shirt on his back. He took me in when I had no one else to turn to. My mom was addicted to drugs, and she got worse when I was a teen. So, it was either a relative steps in or I go into the foster care system. Uncle Steve who was 25 at the time said he would take me in. At that time I was an angry teen on the verge of dropping out of school. We butt heads a few times when I went to live with him. But, he made sure I was on the straight and narrow after a year of being in his house. Uncle Steve is a HVAC technician and at the time he was 4 years into his career. He would drop me off at school and go to the HVAC company where he was working. With time, I began making progress, and he got me a part time job at the HVAC company. Uncle Steve said a young man needs money in his pocket. He did buy me clothes, shoes, and school supplies. But, having a job and money in my pocket also felt great. At least I could spend time hanging with friends, and take a girl I like for a meal. It’s been so many years since my uncle rescued me, and I am now a HVAC technician as well. My job entails doing installations, repair, and maintenance for residential HVAC systems. My next goal is to learn how to work on commercial units so I can have more to offer in the HVAC industry. Thank you Uncle Steve for saving my life.

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