What getting careless with your Heating and A/C equipment will actually cost you

The temperature control notification was showing it was time for our annual Heating and A/C equipment repair.

The service provider that installed the quality air conditioning equipment in our property had recommended to me that it needed to be worked on once or twice a year for the Heating and A/C equipment to reach its full lifespan.

By doing this, I would achieve fantastic indoor air quality throughout the year. Before the ductless air conditioning upgrade, I previously had heating and cooling equipment that forced me to have the Heating and A/C business number completely on speed dial. The reason was the equipment kept experiencing issues. I later learned from a Heating and A/C worker that the reason that kept happening was because I did not take proper care of it. Like every piece of equipment that actually has moving parts, it needed to be cleaned, oiled, and generally worked on to reduce wear and tear. From that point moving forward, I swore that when I bought current equipment, I would constantly consult an AC worker when trouble came up and schedule an annual repair plan with an indoor comfort business. I can now appreciate being indoors for the length of the year. I am hot in the frigid season and cool in summer, and I do not spend a fortune on repairs, not to mention easy skills such as sealing the air duct and replacing the AC filter to help with indoor comfort. However, I learned that things such as air duct cleaning must be handled by a Heating and A/C equipment professional. I learned so much throughout my Heating and A/C journey that I recommended to friends exactly what heating and cooling equipment to go for and why.



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