Cooling down my body with cold gel

This week is a great afternoon with not a lot on my plate.

I am doing some toil online now even though I am not in a hurry to do so as I am ahead of my toil for the week.

I am giving myself an straight-forward afternoon today because my nice friend and I played a lot of tunes the past few days and I am a bit sleepy as a result. I will do some yoga later and listen to my Spanish for the afternoon so I can keep my progress going with learning the language. I’m getting absolutely close to knowing the local company chatter and soon I will be able to talk with the HVAC reps at toil without switching to English all of the time. I have been slacking for a while with learning the language even though I am reaching the point where I need to learn it no matter what it takes. I know this local supplier is going to help me a couple times a week with some private lessons in the air conditioned store where she works. I should have a nice grip of the language within a few months and then I can ease off a bit on my biweekly classes I’ve been doing. The HVAC supplier has a lot of buyers coming in who don’t speak English, and for me to help them with their heating and cooling equipment questions I need to know how to talk with them in their own language. I am giving it my best shot and hopefully it all works out in the end for me.


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