I planted flowers around the A/C unit.

I was sleepy of looking at the lawn around the a/c unit, i was told I had to get the lawn and debris from around the a/c unit, but it just grew back.

My fiance thought my pal and I should sow lawn killer and then plant flowers around the a/c unit, but she said the flowers would be as aggressive as the lawn, and they would only be there for a couple of months.

My pal and I could replant the flowers in the Spring, and this made perfect sense since the flowers would not grow back until Spring, and unquestionably after my pal and I had the a/c device diagnosed. Three months later, the flowers were growing more aggressively than the lawn. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C professional had told us the section around the a/c device had to be kept clear for good airflow. The flowers were two feet high, and they had bushed out. I could see where the vines were growing into the a/c device and not out into the yard. I pulled out my hedge clippers and began splitting the flowers back, and my fiance stopped me. She told me she enjoyed those flowers, and she didn’t want me hacking at them. I tossed the clippers down and told her to deal with the a/c device when it broke from lack of airflow. She stomped her foot and yelled that she would deal with it if it broke. I ignored her tantrum and walked into the house. She carefully pulled out every flower and transplanted them near the fence, however I wasn’t sure they were going to survive, however I would not tell her that. I would have just trimmed them so they weren’t so close to the A/C unit.

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