I wanted a whole home air purification system.

Even before COVID-19 was a thing, I had been trying to talk my husband into having a whole-home air purification system installed in the house.

He could never understand how he could justify the cost of an air purification system.

He said it was an extra air filter in the system. If they could put HEPA air filters in our furnace and AC unit, it would be the same thing, but no one wanted to do that. He told me they told him our HVAC system was too old, and a HEPA air filter wouldn’t fit. If air purification was such a wonderful thing, why didn’t all HVAC systems come with it pre-installed? I actually saw something in what he was saying about it being pre-installed, but we didn’t have air purification installed in our HVAC system. His welder didn’t come with a helmet, but he bought the helmet. What’s the difference? The air purification system was an add-on that could have saved me a lot of agony over the COVID-19 crisis. I was constantly worried about my husband and kids coming down with the virus and dying on me. I worried I would get it and I wouldn’t be there for my kids. He went out and bought me a portable air purifier. I shook my head and told him it was too little, too late. He apologized, and said that as soon as we got extra money, he would look into purchasing the whole-home air purification system. We would need to wait a little longer so he could save some money.