I was afraid my heater would not be enough

The weather here has been getting colder and colder, it seems with each passing day, it drops by 5 degrees, and it just doesn’t stop! We are seeing all time lows in the cold temperatures, and it is just crazy.

This is really worrying for me, because my heating system is pretty old, and already has difficulty with mild winters, much less extreme ones! The cold temperatures are dropping into dangerous territory, and I am worried I will have to call for emergency HVAC services.

Luckily, the local heating and A/C business next to me is almost 24/7 for those kinds of services, but hopefully it won’t come to that. There is also always the option of me going to a friend or family member’s home, as long as they have an efficient enough heating system. I know I am not the only one worrying about this issue, I have heard of other people talking about the cold weather and whether their heaters can actually handle it. It is a bit scary, I tell you. But thankfully, I can reassure myself that I have a back up plan of either getting emergency heating and cooling service, or going to a family member’s home. I would like to eventually get my heater replaced, but it will have to wait until sometime in the future. HVAC installation is pretty expensive, and I am currently not making enough money, it is something I would have to save for. For now, I am just going to hope the winters will calm down.



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