If I cry, will you turn the air conditioner on?

Although my kid is quite the little actress, I’ve seen her have tantrums that would make a grown woman fall to her knees.

When I don’t respond to her tantrum, she gets up and shrugs, as if to say that she tried and would try again later, even though she knows it won’t work.

My associate and I had a conversation a few days ago when the weather was summer-like and rapidly changing, and she suggested that I turn on the air conditioner. She complained to me about how hot it was in her dining room and how she would melt away in the absence of an air conditioner. She was informed that I firmly believed neither her face nor she would dissolve into a puddle of goo. She turned around and asked me if I would turn on the air conditioner if she cried. After leaving her room and snorting with laughter, I heard her running the bathwater an hour later. She threatened to swim in the icy water of the bathtub if I did not turn on the air conditioner. She undoubtedly sobbed when I instructed her to have fun but clean up any water that might have spilled. I just stood there and stared at her when she asked if I appreciated her. There was nothing she could do to make me turn on the air conditioner. She was four, and this was not my first experience. In addition to being familiar with all the tricks, I also raised two other girls who were once four. I gave her a cheek kiss and told her once more how much I adored her before turning to leave.


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