If I cry, will you turn the air conditioning on?

My daughter is quite the little actress.

I have seen her throw temper tantrums that would bring a grown man to his knees.

When I don’t react to her tantrum, she’ll get up and shrug, as if to say that she tried. She would then find another way to get what she wants, even if she knows it won’t work. A couple of days ago, we had one day when it was summer-like temperatures, and she thought I should turn the air conditioning on. She told me how hot it was in her bedroom, and without air conditioning, she was going to melt. I highly doubted her face was going to melt off, and she would turn into a puddle of goo, and I told her so. She turned around and asked me if she cried, would I turn on the air conditioning? I snorted my laughter and walked out of her room. An hour later, I heard her running the bathwater. She told me that if I didn’t turn on the air conditioning, she was going to swim in the bathtub full of cold water. When I told her to have fun, but she needed to clean up the water if it spilled, she really cried. She asked if I didn’t love her, and I just stared at her. Nothing she could do was going to force me to turn the air conditioning on. She was four, and this wasn’t my first rodeo. I raised two other girls who were once four, and I knew all the tricks. I kissed her cheek and reminded her I loved her and walked away.

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