It's a small, personal air conditioner, she explained to me

Last week, my kid brought a water bottle with a fan attached to the loft.

She gave one to her younger sister and one to me.

She turned to me and asked, “What?” so I must have had a skeptical expression on my face. She seized the water bottle and warned me that she would take back her gift if I didn’t like it. I warned her that she was becoming overconfident since starting college and that if she didn’t change her attitude, she would have to spend her week off in her room. After an hour, when she returned downstairs, I asked her what the bottle was. She apologized before revealing that it was a portable, individual air conditioner. Since the dorm air conditioner failed, everyone in college was using them. You turned on the fan and pressed the fan button while also adding water to the bottle. The fan would keep you cool by blowing cooled water on your face. A personal, portable air conditioner must have cost around ten cents to produce, and I was wondering how many people were becoming extremely wealthy from this not very clever invention. I questioned when the a/c malfunctioned. She explained that it was only the second month of the year and that they wouldn’t fix it until spring break. I advised her to make some and purchase some at the dollar store. She could sell them for $5 each at a cost of a dollar, making a tidy profit. She might reign supreme among people with portable air conditioners. She laughed and said that someone had already tried and failed.

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