Making sure I change the air filter

I have a bad habit of forgetting to change the air filter, however i am not sure why, but when it comes to keeping up with the heating plus a/c machine, I just can’t remember, but my fiance ended up changing the air filter for me multiple times, then when I was out driving, my fiance called me plus asked me to get some more air filters, because my friend and I were almost out.

I drove over to the heating plus A/C store plus as I went over to where they kept their air filters, I found myself amazed with how more than 2 bizarre types they had. I had to call my fiance plus ask her what kind of air filters my friend and I used, plus she told me it was the best kind, HEPA air filters. I found the HEPA air filters, but they came in bizarre sizes, so I had to call her again plus ask, plus after that my friend and I was able to get the right size! After I brought cabin the current air filters, I made it my mission to not forget again, so I marked the calendar for next month. My superb friend and I change the air filters out every single month, plus so when next month came, I was going to be prepared. And for once, I was. I remembered when next month arrived, plus I changed the air filter out myself. My fiance was impressed, plus I was quite satisfied with myself. I am going to set another reminder for next month plus keep this up.


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