My husband tore up the furnace again

Last month when he was laboring on our boiler, my husband tore it up even more than it was to start with.

When he first told me that he was going down to the basement to try to work on the boiler, I just rolled my eyes at him! Of course, he was mad at me because I rolled my eyes at him, but I have my reasons! The last time my pal and I had an issue with our boiler, he tried to maintain it himself and save us currency on heating and cooling repairs.

However, he ended up making the concern a whole lot worse than it was to begin with. That’s how he is most of the time. He is so cheap that he never wants to call in a professional to maintain things around the home. He constantly says that he can do it himself, but that is not the case most of the time. He is not exactly a jack of all trades if you know what I mean. He is nice at what he does at work, but that’s about it. He does not know how to maintain things around the house, and that includes the portable boiler. Since our boiler was broken and the weather is still kind of chilly around here, I decided to take matters into my own hands, even though he was down in the basement banging around on the boiler unit. I went ahead and called to make an appointment with the Heating and A/C corp. That way when he came upstairs and said that he couldn’t figure out the concern like I knew he would, I already had taken care of things.


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