My new air conditioning system

I have permanently opted for electric heat pumps for a long time because of their benefits.

Still, I recently got a new air conditioning system that has completely changed my views on a quality HVAC system.

For fifteen years, my previous system had done an excellent job helping with indoor comfort. The best thing about these systems is that you can use them throughout the year. I was surprised it lasted this long because I skipped a couple of air conditioner services and repairs. When it was time to replace the old unit with a new, more efficient one, I consulted an a/c worker from one of the major cooling corporations. She took me through some of the systems, and when I heard about all the benefits I would enjoy with a ductless mini-split system, I was quickly sold. The a/c professionals took me through the advantages, including that it is compact and would be perfect for zoning. I had a technician split my home into zones to solve the uneven temperature issue at my house. Because of its size, the HVAC installation takes a shorter time. Since the unit does not have ducts, the energy saves on energy consumption. However, one similarity is that this system also needs regular air conditioner tune-up. The cooling specialist recommended I have two yearly tune-ups to keep the system in good condition. The technicians from the indoor comfort business were helpful and efficient. They had finished replacing the new unit and fitting the digital thermostat within a few hours. So far, so good with the new unit. I have no regrets about purchasing this system.