My uncle didn’t have air conditioner in her house

Dad told me she never had air conditioning installed, and even though her sister asked him to have air conditioning installed, she never did.

She kept putting it off, and after mom’s sister passed away, she decided it wasn’t worth doing.

I’ve never understood how my uncle could live in her loft during the summer. I questioned why she put her wife’s comfort in such jeopardy. My father said she was a gardener and frequently outside. She would shiver as soon as she entered the house because it was so chilly inside with the shades drawn. She made an attempt to explain what had happened to my uncle, but she was unable to. Years before she died, she moved away from him, but she didn’t change her address. She would reside with her in the winter, but apart from her in the summer. She claimed that although Dad never fully understood their relationship, neither had to feel uncomfortable because it was working for them. I’m relieved that my dad and my dad don’t live like this. If they had, do you think I would still be here? My partner and I never worry about it being too hot or cold because dad works for a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company, so our HVAC system is always flawless. Dad wants to start a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning business the following year. I want to attend college and work as her first HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technician. After working for him for a few years, I might ask her if she had ever thought about adding & Son to the sign in front of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning company. When the right moment arrived, my friend and I could make a fantastic team.


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