Our chocolate melted in the heat.

We would buy ice cream

I thought I would be nice and take some chocolate bars home to my brother when I was on my way home from school. I knew what his favorite chocolate was, and I could only buy it at a chocolatier that was ten miles from school, but almost thirty miles from home. I tucked three chocolate bars into my bag and drove the rest of the way home. Everything was going well until my HVAC system broke. Instead of taking three chocolate bars in the house, I took three melted puddles of chocolate in and put them into the freezer. There was no air conditioning in the car to keep the chocolate from melting. Although my little brother found it funny, I was feeling bad about it. He wouldn’t see the bear on the front of the chocolate bar. My brother was a change of life baby for my parents. I was twenty-one, and he was only three. I spoiled him rotten, but I didn’t mind. I was more like an aunt or surrogate mother than a big sister. He wanted to go for a ride in the car with me, but without air conditioning, I would not take him for a ride. I told him that once the HVAC system was repaired and I had air conditioning, I would take him for a long ride. We would buy ice cream. He asked if we could go on the train, and I said I would gladly take him on the train. All I had to do was find a service station that had an HVAC mechanic, and I would be all set.


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