She told me it was a portable, personal air conditioner.

My daughter showed up at the house last week with a water bottle that had a fan attached. She gave one to me and one to her little sister. I must have had a look of skepticism on my face, because she turned to me and asked, what? She grabbed the water bottle and told me if I didn’t like her present, she would take it back. I told her she was getting too cocky since going to college, and she would spend her week off school in her room if she didn’t stop with the attitude. I asked her what the bottle was when she came back downstairs an hour later. After an apology, she told me it was a portable, personal air conditioner. Everyone was using them in school, since the air conditioning went out in the dorms. You filled the bottle with water and pressed the button for the fan. The fan would blow cooled water on your face and help keep you cool. A portable, personal air conditioning unit must have cost about ten cents to create, and I was wondering how many people were getting rich in this not so ingenious invention? I asked when the air conditioning broke? She said it was only two months into the semester, and they would not repair it until the spring break. I told her she should go to the dollar store and make some. At a dollar a piece, she could sell them for $5 each and make a bundle. She could be the portable, personal air conditioning queen. She laughed and said someone had already tried and got expelled.

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