The furnace is done with

I believe that the furnace in the lavatory at work is broken. It’s been so chilly inside of the lavatory over the last few weeks that there is no way that the furnace is working in there. I have complained about this concern several times to the maintenance department at work, but it seems like no one is even listening to me. I don’t know if anyone cares about the fact that the heating is not working in the lavatory, but I care. It takes me a long time to get warmed up whenever it’s chilly outside. Even though it’s technically Spring on the calendar, the weather has not started heating up entirely at all around here yet. I believe that whoever sets the heating and cooling settings on the control device at labor must be delusional or something! They have the heating settings turned up really high out in the main areas of the office, but then when you go into the lavatory it’s chilly cold. It’s the last locale that I want to have to go and pull down my pants, that’s for sure! It feels like you’re walking inside of a walk-in freezer whenever you have to go in there. I mean, I guess it’s nice to have a cool spot at work if you’re someone who gets hot flashes or something like that. I don’t though! So going to the lavatory at work these days makes me feel like I need to suit up with a winter coat and gloves. The whole thing is just crazy. I wish that they would just pay attention and get the heater fixed there.



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