The gas man hit my air conditioning unit.

I was getting my gas tanks filled last week.

  • When the gas man arrived, he backed into my driveway, just like he always does.

I watched as he kept backing up and got closer to the house. I knew the second he hit the air conditioning unit, because I could hear it and felt the house shudder. Not only had he hit the air conditioning unit, but I was sure he had shoved it into the wall of the house. I walked outside, and the driver was already out of the truck. He was apologetic and saying the gas company would pay for the damage. I thought he was saying he was new, and he had never done this before, but I didn’t want to hear it. I saw the wall of the house was buckled and the air conditioning unit was almost a foot off its base. I called my son and then I called the gas company. My son was a general contractor and he could tell me if there was any damage to the house, and the gas company was going to pay for the AC unit and the house. They driver was about in tears and told me he was going to lose his job, but I was more concerned about the damage to my house and air conditioning unit. Twenty minutes later, my son told me it was only cosmetic damage, but it would be expensive to fix, because I needed new siding and some work done on the foundation in that area. The air conditioning unit could be toast.

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