The house didn’t have an HVAC system.

My husband and I went to an auction last week.

It was an old farmhouse, and everything had to go, including the house.

They wanted any prospective homebuyers to bring paperwork from the bank, saying how much the preapproval loan was for, toward the purchase of the house. The owners wanted to make sure the potential buyers could truly pay for the house. MY husband and I did a walk-thru of the house, and it was really nice. I didn’t know why one of the family members didn’t want the house. The only thing listed on the sales sheet was that the house didn’t have an HVAC system. Apparently, the old couple had used just the fireplace for heating, and they didn’t have air conditioning. It was a farmhouse, and they weren’t interested in modernizing it. They weren’t in the house enough to enjoy air conditioning. We were giving some serious thought to purchasing the house, but it all depended on how much it was going to sell for. We knew how much it would cost to have ductless HVAC installed, but we didn’t want to install traditional HVAC. The cost of ductwork would be prohibitive for us. After spending all day at the house and making several big purchases, the house came up for auction. We ended up getting the house for less than $50,000, which included ten acres of land. The owners left the rest of the property to their family, with the proviso that it not be sold off and improved upon. It had to be family homes, and farming only.
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