The indoor air quality was the pits

The indoor air quality was bad at the concert that my pal and I went to last evening.

I can’t believe that they even went ahead with having the concert once the heating and cooling system went on the fritz.

In my opinion, they should have just shut the whole thing down and canceled it all. I believe it’s entirely bad that they let all of us come into the locale when it was so stuffy and boiling inside of the large room. I could tell as soon as we went inside that there was something going on with the Heating and A/C system. Usually in locales like that, you can feel the heating or cooling vents running and blowing air down on your head from the high ceilings. In this identifiable locale, that wasn’t the case at all, at least that’s how it was last evening. I believe that the Heating and A/C system was torn up. I noticed that there was a large commercial Heating and A/C truck out in the parking lot close to the front of the building when my pal and I parked. Maybe that should have been a sign to me that we were in for a rough evening. The concert was going to be a sold out show, and so my pal and I knew that it was going to be entirely crowded inside once we got in there. However, I never thought about the fact that there wouldn’t be any ventilation in the building while in the show. There are no windows in the building at all and so without a laboring Heating and A/C system, the air inside was stuffy and stifling. I got entirely boiling hot and uncomfortable before the opening band even finished their set. I basically had a bad evening because I was so boiling hot the whole time.


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