The issue was a dirty control unit

It’s good to have friends who have different things to offer one another… For example, in our neighbor group, we have an auto mechanic, another is a plumber, another an electrician, and I am a Heating and A/C expert, now, this doesn’t mean we are only friends because of this, but it helps that we are there for one another.

For example, our friend, the auto mechanic, was building a new house.

The three of us came through for him and ensured she had superb prices for wiring, plumbing, and Heating and A/C work! In return, we also get vehicle repair and repair prices at her auto repair shop. My buddy and I have been friends for decades, and this has consistently been the dynamic of our friendship. This past summer, I was so tied up at the Heating and A/C business where I work. My buddy and I had a bad heat wave, and this led to lots of emergency repairs! When there are heat waves, folks tend to adjust control device settings in an effort to cool their homes, however unluckyly, this can put a strain on the device and cause it to fail, but also the high temps were affecting cooling units that we didn’t work on during Spring. For folks who got Spring repair, it was a breeze getting through the heat wave. But, for others, they had to pay for Heating and A/C repair when their units failed, however one unlucky lady was my buddy who is the electrician in the group. When I went to look at her unit, I noticed she had a dirty control device which was causing her device not to run efficiently. It’s crucial to ensure your Heating and A/C system is clean, and this includes the control unit.

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