The space heater was broken

The boiler was broken when my kids went back to school in December after winter season break.

The first afternoon of school after they came back, they came in the house and started to complain to me about just how chilly it was in the classrooms that afternoon.

I was surprised that they had even had school that afternoon because of the chilly hot and cold temperatures that my pal and I were having that week. Apparently, no one at the school knew that the boiler was torn up before they had already run all of the buses and gotten most tots into the classrooms. They were so worried about making sure that the kids got another session of classes that afternoon after break that they went ahead and stayed in the building even though most people were chilly. It was the craziest thing ever. I have never heard of anyone doing that before when the weather is so cold. My kid told me that his art mentor kept the kiln fired up while in their class so that they would at least have a little bit of heat in the classroom, but during gym they all huddled together in the room with the heated pool because that was still running. I guess they are going to have to get a brand new heating and cooling unit installed in the school building, but that isn’t going to happen until summer time when they have the time to do all of the updates at once. It will be a nice thing when they get it done, too. I don’t want to have to worry about the heating and cooling system at school on top of everything else.


a/c workman