This was not what I expected from an HVAC technician.

Whenever I called the HVAC company, I was used to the technician showing up and making all repairs that were needed. There was never an argument, whether it was the furnace or the air conditioning unit. Last month, I had the HVAC technician at the house, and I wanted my furnace repaired. He took one look at the furnace and refused to repair it. He remembered our furnace, and he remembered telling mom and dad the furnace wasn’t safe as is, and it needed to be replaced. He refused to repair the furnace then, and he was refusing now. My dad was upset with him and told him it was his job to repair the furnace. He looked at dad and told him it was his job to make repairs if possible, but he would not make a repair that could be deadly for the family. Dad became livid and yelled this was not what I expected from an HVAC technician. The HVAC technician shrugged and told dad he didn’t care what he expected. If he wanted the furnace repaired, he would need to call someone who didn’t care about their customers, and he knew of no one in the area that had that much lack of concern. After the HVAC technician left, mom sat down and talked to dad. She remembered what the HVAC technician had said months ago, and she knew he was right. She told dad it could be dangerous and expensive to make the repair. The furnace was almost twenty years old, and it was time to buy a new one. Dad called the HVAC company and apologized for his words, and said he was ready to order a new furnace.

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