Time for an air conditioned nap

I will write one more of these babies and then I am going to sink in my bed for an hour or so and disappear from existence.

My two black cats are sleeping on my bed now and I am a bit jealous, so I will knock out one more article and go join the sleep felines.

They are both a year old and are such nice animals to live with, making no sound and being very lovable and kind to whoever they meet. We have a third cat but it is a bit mean, so we keep it in air conditioned comfort in its own room so it doesn’t attack my cats. It is about six years old and seems to be more set in its ways, so keeping them apart is a good thing for my cats especially. The heating supplier got my two cats from the street and they are really cool cats, keeping me company most of the days when I am working by sitting on my legs and lap while I do my work online. Today though, the office was heating up a bit too much and so they went back to my air conditioned bedroom to cool down and get some sleep. I will join them in about three minutes and won’t come out till I get a good amount of rest. My work is done for the day except for a trip to the produce stand to grab some fruit and veggies, but that won’t be for another couple of hours so for now it is time to rest a bit.

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