We are going to repair the heating unit

I don’t know what we are going to do if we can’t get the boiler fixed in time.

We are going to have to get the boiler fixed before my pal and I can host the children’s event that we are planning for next month. Even though Spring is coming and the weather is finally heating up around here a little bit, it’s still not going to be sizzling hot enough by then to have the children’s event. My pal and I are supposed to do a large Spring fling kind of thing at our church where we give away food packages and new summertime clothes, along with things like that to underserved children in the community. My pal and I have been planning it for a long time now, but one of the things that we were not planning on was having a concern with our furnace. Around here where we live, Spring doesn’t show up until late in May. Right now, the temperatures are still in the 50s, and there’s no way that my pal and I can have this program without a laboring boiler. I don’t know what we are going to do if we can’t get the boiler fixed in time. I just don’t believe that we will be able to heat the entire gym where we are holding the event with a couple of electric space heaters. The boiler that is installed out in the gym is large, and my pal and I have to have a commercial Heating and A/C corp come out to look at it. I already have a call into them, but I am hoping that it is not going to cost us entirely too much. Maybe we both can get a discount since we are doing this whole thing for charity.


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