We couldn't find the furnace in the house.

My sister and I went to every Open House we came upon over the weekend.

We would look at different things in the house, and make notes.

We knew what we wanted and what we didn’t want in a house. I don’t think we ever signed the guest book, because we were too young to purchase a house, but we didn’t get thrown out for not signing. One particular house stood out for both of us. It was an old clapboard house, but it still had a lot of character, and the foundation was in perfect shape. The roof was new, and the inside was clean. The only thing we found wrong with the house was that we couldn’t find the furnace. We looked in the basement and in the garage, but there was no furnace available to look at. We asked the realtor who was holding the open house, and she told me there was a formal HVAC listed, but she hadn’t listed the house. She was just ‘house’ sitting. I knew I would never buy a house that didn’t have a furnace. HVAC was important for every house. I didn’t know a single family that didn’t want HVAC in their house, but I didn’t know that family that was selling this house. After a careful exploration of the house, the only sources of eating we could find were a fireplace in the living room, and an old wood stove in the dining area. They probably thought they didn’t need heat in the kitchen, and maybe they didn’t want heating in the bedrooms, but it still seemed quite odd to both my sister and I.



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