When it was hot, our chocolate melted

On my way home from college, I decided it would be nice to bring some chocolate bars for my sister.

I was able to purchase her favorite chocolate only at a shop that was nearly thirty miles from my house but only ten miles from the college.

I put three chocolate bars in my tote and continued on my drive home. Everything was going according to plan until my HVAC and A/C systems failed. I brought three melted puddles of chocolate into the house instead of three chocolate bars and put them in the freezer. The lack of an air conditioner in the car caused the chocolate to melt. My younger sister thought it was funny, but I was embarrassed by it. She wouldn’t be able to see the bear on the chocolate bar’s front. My sister was a life-changing child for my parents. She was only three years old, and I was twenty-one. I enjoyed spoiling him to the hilt. I was less like a huge sister and more like an uncle or substitute mother. She wanted to ride along with me in the car, but I wouldn’t let him because the vehicle lacked air conditioning. I promised him that I would take him for a long ride as soon as the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system was fixed and I had an air conditioner. I would get ice cream with my friend. She enquired as to whether my friend and I might board the train, and I replied that I would be happy to do so. All I had to do was locate a gas station with a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning mechanic, and I would be good to go.



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