A lesson about air ducts

When he turned around, the door had closed securely behind him.

Eugene is the building service worker for our sizable office complex. He was given the task to wash the heating and air conditioning ducts. Eugene had never done anything like this before, he assumed it would be easy. In order for him to get started, he climbed to the ceiling and unlocked the ducts. He began to perspire as he stared into the complex heating and air conditioning HVAC duct, knowing he had no idea where to start. Trouble soon found him, soon after looking down into one of the vents, he saw a small mouse peeking out. Eugene saw the mouse look at him, its nose twitched, and then it darted off into the network of pipes. Eugene suddenly had a fantastic idea. He decided to pursue the mouse into the ventilation system. He wasted no time in entering the duct and started his pursuit of the mouse. He had to get on his belly and crawl through the narrow duct. He continued to creep along behind the mouse as it darted through the ventilation system. Eugene was so absorbed in his pursuit of the mouse that he failed to notice he had crawled past the exit. A loud noise erupted suddenly from behind him. When he turned around, the door had closed securely behind him. Our building service worker got stuck in the air conditioner ducts! His anxiety level rose and he shouted for assistance, but no one heard him. He had been trapped in the ducts for hours before the fire department finally arrived to free him. In order for them to free Eugene, they had to cut a hole in the duct. Eugene learned a difficult lesson this week but it’s a story I’ll remember forever.



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