Energy saving strategies with the thermostat

My weekly routine consists of going to school, my dad going to work, and turning off the temperature control before we leave the house.

As part of his efforts to split costs, he has come up with this strategy.

The money he makes at the auto shop isn’t much, but it’s enough to keep the bills paid. My dad is considering taking on additional employment, which would be terrible for me because it would mean less time with him. This also means I’ll be spending more time with Uncle Louie and no thanks. My Uncle is a fantastic guy, but his home looks like something out of a hoarder documentary series. The whole thing is disgusting. I get picked up by my dad and driven home from school. Sporadically he takes me out to a steakhouse, but it’s not undoubtedly often, and he usually prefers to cook at home because it saves money. I can tell you that he isn’t really a wonderful cook either. The home is like an ice box when we return on freezing winter afternoons. Because it is so chilly, I have to turn on the furnace to make our home comfortable for my dad and me. I’ve been urging him to replace the heating and air conditioning system and maybe even a smart temperature control for some time now. Then we can leave school and work and turn on the heating and air conditioning system on our way back. He has told me countless times that he would be unable to pay for the services of a professional heating and air conditioner tech to install a new heating and air conditioning unit. He did tell me if he is able to afford it, then it would be close to the top of his list of things to get done.



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