Even my dog knows to relax by the AC air vent

We are getting close to Summertime here in the southeast. That means the kids will be off of school, families will find a week or two to take a vacation, and the darn heat will be oppressive. I like summertime, don’t get me wrong, but the reason I like it is because of air conditioning. I remain convinced that if some brilliant man had not invented heating and cooling systems for homes, no one would have ever moved to my state. The only people that would be living here are the Alligators. haha. Anyway, it doesn’t take a brilliant mind to know what to do when you live here in the south in the summer. even my dog knows to relax by the AC air vent In the Heat of the afternoon. You can find my pup curled up sound asleep with the air conditioning vent just blowing AC on her. She is no dummy. Neither am i. I really enjoy taking a nice cool shower in the afternoon and then laying down under the ceiling fan and enjoying the AC as it blows cool air on me. I have a lot of empathy for people who have to work outside in this kind of Blazing Heat, and I hope that their supervisors are smart enough to know that air conditioning is a must and outside workers should be taking frequent breaks inside where the AC is going and also drinking plenty of water. Of course if my dog is smart enough to hang out by the air conditioner, surely the supervisors of outdoor workers are smart enough to bring their crew into a building with great Cooling.

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