How many HVAC techs do I need?

After fifteen years of working in the same HVAC company, my wife and I were moving to another area. She wanted to be near her parents were getting older. I was happy to move, but I didn’t know anything about the local HVAC companies in that area. I did a lot of research and realized there was only one HVAC company there. I wondered if there were enough people in the area to support a second HVAC company. I talked to my wife and asked what she thought about me opening an HVAC company. She said we could do more investigation when we got there. I needed to check out the HVAC company and the people in the area. Once we were moved and found a home, my wife got a job, and I got the house set up. My in-laws were doing well, but we were living closer to them. I started researching the HVAC company and realized I needed more information about opening an HVAC company before I made any decisions. My biggest decision was how many HVAC technicians we would need to open the company. If I could find how many HVAC technicians I needed, I could also figure out what tools I needed and what other items were needed for an HVAC company. I found there were a lot of people in the area and I hoped the other HVAC company was overwhelmed, because I had enough information to know I could open my own HVAC company. I still wanted to consider how good the other HVAC company was, but I knew I wanted an HVAC company.

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