HVAC technology is ever changing and improving

I can remember when I was a kid and lots and lots of people had no air conditioning whatsoever.

When I lived in a Northern state, even though the area was upper middle class, or upper class, it was practically unheard of for anyone to have an air conditioner.

it just wasn’t commonplace at that time. Fortunately for us, HVAC technology is ever changing and improving, and now just about everyone has Air conditioning. at least in this country anyway. That’s not true all over the world, but here in the Southeastern part of our country, I do not know a single person who does not have ac. In fact, most people also have a pretty decent heating system, since most air conditioning is actually part of a central heating and cooling system. Anyway, I can remember when no one had air conditioning down here in the south, either. I also remember the first kind of air conditioner that really made its way into households. That was the humble window AC unit. window air conditioners leave a lot to be desired nowadays, but back in the day they were amazing. Many families would only have one or two AC units, and the whole family would usually gather around the one that was in the living room window. Sometimes, that group’s AC unit was the only one in the house. Often, though, parents would put a window unit in their bedroom. Well, just look how far we’ve come in my short lifetime. HVAC technology is incredible. We are getting more and more Heating and Cooling available to us by using less and less energy, which is an effort to help the environment as well as help consumers with the high costs of heating and cooling.

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