I remember when air conditioning meant a window AC in one room of the house

I know that I must be getting old because I remember when not every single person had air conditioning and heating in their house.

Well, actually, I think everybody I knew did have a furnace of some sort, but that did not necessarily mean that they had cooling as well.

When I was about 10 or 12 years old, just about everyone started having an AC unit in the house. they did not, however, have Central Heating and cooling. oh no, back in those days, if someone told you they had air conditioning in their house, they most likely meant that they had one little window AC unit in there living room window and everyone in the family would gather around it In the Heat of the day or whenever to enjoy the air conditioned comfort of their living room. Nowadays, most Realtors would recommend to people that if they are trying to sell their house and all they have are a couple of window AC units, they should take them out and replace them with Central Heating and cooling. Many people will not even consider purchasing a home that does not have Central Heating and cooling. In fact, some people I know will even go so far as to check the Seer rating on the HVAC system before purchasing the home. if the air conditioner does not have a seer rating of 14 or higher, let’s say, the purchasers will often try to negotiate a credit or a lower sale price on the home. That is because they know if they do not upgrade the HVAC system, they will be paying higher costs to operate their system.This is very different from when I was a kid and having an AC window unit was like a miracle.

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