I was only in HVAC class for two days.

when I was already regretting my decision.

Nearly everyone in the class dwarfed me and I was hearing remarks about the midget they had in class.

I wasn’t a midget, but I was a dwarf, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t do the job. I got home that evening and told my dad about the remarks that were being made. He asked me if I thought my size would go unnoticed, and I shook my head. He then asked if anyone told him I had to be an HVAC technician. When I shook my head again, he shrugged and told me that once you start something you need to finish. I wasn’t sure that was true for me, but my dad had always been there for me. Maybe he saw some inner strength in me that I hadn’t seen. When I started to get up, he stopped me. He asked if I still thought I could be a good HVAC technician, and I nodded. He told me to swallow my pride, quit pitying myself for being different. He reminded me to accept my challenges and always be the best I could be. I was sure I could be an excellent HVAC technician, but I had to accept who I was, which I never wanted to do. I always thought I was handed a disability as punishment for something I had done in a past life. My father thought I was given a gift and was put on earth to show people how strong people could be in spite of disabilities. Maybe I should listen to dad and be the best HVAC technician possible.


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