Little frogs need a heater to stay alive

I need to get a heating unit for the frogs that I bought at the reptile show last weekend.

I was not planning to get pets at all while I was there, much less frogs who are taxing to keep alive in captivity.

When my son started begging to get the two frogs, I was unaware what keeping a frog alive really entailed. Apparently, these little frogs are nearly impossible to keep alive when you want to keep them as pets. I wasn’t aware that was the case until it was too late. Now we own two frogs, and I can’t take them back because the reptile show doesn’t even come back for another whole month so I am literally stuck with them. I don’t want the frogs to die, either, or my son will literally waste away from sadness. I’ve done so much research on this frog that now I feel like I am an expert or something. I know I’m going to have to go to the pet store and spend a small fortune on things for these frogs. We need to get a heating mat, a heating pad, and two self-heating rocks. I know these little frogs have to stay super sizzling or else they will get sick and die. My son is going to help pay for all of this heating equipment out of his allowance, too, because it’s all going to cost us a lot. I know that he wasn’t planning on it being this much, however we didn’t know that the furnace was going to be so expensive.

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