Might add heated flooring to my bedroom

A steaming hot shower the day before work is one of my favorite things about the day.

  • I’m a person who thrives on early days and takes fantastic pride in beating everyone else to the office and getting home early as well, and because of this, I am able to avoid the horrible traffic and still be able to make it on time.

Our highway has experienced at least one major accident every week for the past two months. People are just insane, so I try to stay away from them as much as possible. Along with my piping hot showers in the day, I also get to enjoy the most exquisite radiant floors imaginable. Choosing to have a heating expert from the heating and air conditioning company come out and install the radiant floors was a smart move. With the recent freezing weather outside, this has been a charming addition to my home. My day’s wake-up is now filled with warmth. When I get home from work, sporadically all I want to do is take a shower and then stand in awe of my radiant floor heater. If you don’t already have radiant floors, you need to get them! Also, the bathroom is the perfect area to start. Sadly, the rest of my home has freezing wooden flooring, and I have complaints from family and friends that they don’t want to leave my bathroom because their feet are so toasty. One of them suggested relocating a table and tv in there, but I was concerned about invasions of personal space if I needed to use the restroom. So far, installing radiant floors in my bathroom has been the best financial decision I have ever made. I think I might do my bedroom next!
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