My daughter had a party for the family HVAC technician.

My daughter was a whirling dervish last week as she began to plan a party for the family HVAC technician. She wanted me to help her make out invitations to the party, and they were to be sent to everyone in the family. She gave me a list of everyone she wanted invited and said her writing wasn’t very good and that was why she needed my help. She had a menu planned, and at the top of the menu was cake and ice cream. She wanted oreos, sweet tea, chocolate bars, and maybe a large pizza with lots of cheese. As she walked away, I was wondering who this elusive HVAC technician was. No one in our family was an HVAC technician. I filled out the invitations and asked her when she wanted the party. She thought about it for a minute and then asked me for a calendar. She pointed to a day the following week, and said that would be a good day. Only dad would be at work, and we could save some food for him. I started to laugh and couldn’t wait for my husband to come home. I was going to tell him about the party for the HVAC technician. I also had to let him know he wasn’t invited because he was the only one who had to work. He asked who the HVAC technician was when I told him about the party. I pointed to the doll she had left in the living room. She wanted me to make an HVAC technician’s uniform for him.