Reliable heating and cooling company

In our local town, we have a heating and air conditioning company known as Cool Breeze and it has lasted for more than half a century. The company’s humble start as a family-run operation gave way to its modern status as a major player in the heating and air conditioning industry. The name Cool Breeze became synonymous with reliable service, helpful employees, and creative answers to problems. Jerry is the founder and CEO of Cool Breeze, and one day he had an epiphany and decided he was ready to take his company to the next level. He had consistently felt strongly that heating and air conditioning systems could be made more efficient and affordable through the application of technology. He put together a fantastic team of heating and air conditioning techs to work on something new, and they spent months coming up with a system that would change the face of the heating and air conditioning company as we know it. SmartCool was the brand name of the revolutionary new cooling system. For heating and air conditioning system improvement in real time, SmartCool utilized splitting-edge sensors and component learning algorithms. Changes in humidity and temperature could be detected, allowing the system to be fine-tuned to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. There was a dramatic uptick in positive feedback after Cool Breeze installed SmartCool systems in buildings across the country. Many consumers loved the possibility to lower energy consumption and costs. As time went on, the company earned a name for itself among the world’s most forward-thinking heating and air conditioning manufacturers, then despite Jerry’s elation over SmartCool’s achievements, he knew that the company could do more. Jerry still works hard every day and is confident that the best afternoons were still ahead of Cool Breeze.

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