She marched into the HVAC company office.

The HVAC company was officially closed for the day, but my wife and I were doing inventory and had all the lights on.

  • We thought we had locked the doors, but that wasn’t the situation.

We knew we hadn’t locked the doors when we heard someone walking around and calling hello. I walked out into the main room, and there stood a young woman; acting like she owned the place. I walked into my office and asked if she needed something. She marched into the office behind me and acted like she owned the place. She told me she was here to apply for a job as an HVAC technician. She laid a full file folder on my desk and invited me to look at it. My wife came into the office and introduced herself. The young woman stood and shook her hand and said she was here for an HVAC technician’s position. My wife smiled and held her hand out for the file folder. She quietly perused it while I talked to the young woman. Fifteen minutes later, my wife asked if she minded if we called her references. She smiled and said please. She walked out of the office and said she would wait to hear from us. My wife plopped the file folder on my desk and told me to hire her. She was going to call the references, but anyone who had the guts to walk in like she did, deservced a chance to prove herself as an HVAC technician. Six weeks later she had proved herself and was hired as a full-time HVAC technician.
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