The AC repair service expert was on the way

My friend was speaking with a neighbor and the two of us were talking about things that we experienced and then there was a mechanical emergency.

None of us knew exactly what we could do.

My friend was trained as an auto worker but was away from work and split for many months. There was also an accident that left everyone with some injuries. We were at the hospital for nearly a month or more and now everyone was recovering at the house. No one wanted to speak with anyone about this emergency or even find out if the neighbor was doing well. This conversation progressed to my friend mentioning that he was going to run late after the automobile had easily stalled. We certainly knew that it was necessary to get help despite the fact that all of us could not leave the condo for multiple reasons. One there was a person that was unable to comfortably move into they were expecting someone from the AC repair company to come to the house. It was during the summer season and staying in this condo without any air conditioning was not going to help much at all. There was an air conditioning system that easily failed and then many of us were talking about the heating and also air conditioning business so we could book an appointment. They had to send someone to the condo to help with the AC repair and the expert was on the way. Just as all of us were saying goodbye, the person arrived.