The house is always cold

My mom married a person whose kid must be a polar bear.

She has a mysterious attraction for subzero temperatures.

I can picture her enjoying the outdoors when winter arrives and lounging in front of the air conditioner in the height of summer. I have no control over the temperature control and must rely on her judgment. It aromas, cause my mom can stop it but she won’t. My mom has slightly complained about the electricity bill because it has skyrocketed during the Summer because it’s on all day. I asked my mom if we could get a smart temperature control but my mom is old school and getting her to talk to her spouse is not a thought in her mind. I constantly see my step-sister checking to see if the air conditioner is on. Her dad has a heating and air conditioning company come to the home every few months to look at the heating and air conditioning system to make sure it is working efficiently enough for his little angel. I can see my mom at times get a little anxious when it comes to the air conditioner company coming to the home every so often. I overheard the cooling specialist advocate that they enroll in a service plan to save money. My mom said she’ll have to talk to her spouse about it and I know my mom won’t! For some strange reason, she doesn’t care that much but I can tell seeing a stranger every couple of months does bother her. I just wish my mom spoke up a bit because I’m freezing and I feel I’m not heard because daddy’s little angel has control of the heating and air conditioning unit.

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