The joy of a blast of AC hitting you in the face

not too long ago, some friends and I decided to hit up this outdoor sale that they were having on plants.

There is this venue that is close to me that is a historic building and they have gorgeous landscaping.

Every so often, the groundskeepers from the place have a plant sale in order to raise money to continue to keep the place looking great. It was a lot of fun going through the plant sale, despite the fact that the thermostat was Reading in the ’90s. After gazing at many plants and buying very few, I suggested that we all go grab a nice lunch somewhere. everybody was interested in going, which is pretty unusual actually. the truth suddenly became known when we got to the restaurant, though. it wasn’t the food everyone was looking forward to, it was the air conditioning! We were used to the AC in the car, of course, but there is nothing like walking into a beautifully lit sparkling clean restaurant with pretty flowers on the table and fabulous HVAC doing its job well. when you open the front door, this blast of air shoots out at you and it is air conditioning that is just caressing your face. I really like that initial blast of AC wherever you go inside somewhere around here. When you live in the southeast, every business and public building knows that you better have some good AC running in the summer. if your air conditioner goes out or you just don’t feel like paying that high of a cooling bill, you can expect to have zero customers that day.

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