The smell was awfully overpowering and not in a good way

My brother looked at my condo while we were on this business trip and to be fair they were living close to him was turning out to be one good thing.

I was a dependent person that left our condo at 18 even though my folks wanted me to be there for a lot longer. I had some plans and got a lot of these things done. Everyone of the people that I know and myself had plans to go to hospitality school and then finish up working on yachts until we were 27 years old. We became weary of living abroad and then also chose to go right back to the city when my brother said that I could get a condo that was near his home. The guy was married with a couple of kids plus wanted me to be there closing I thought that his wife was absolutely sweet. She knew how to get things done and when I was looking in houses for moving, she made some offers on houses that were closed and then I found a current job and also traveled within the country. It was my brother that had to charge the plants. He contacted me to say there were indoor air problems and the heating and air conditioning system was not working out well. The heating and air conditioning system was actually problematic because there was an issue and I had to contact a tech neighbor to come as well as have a look at the heating and also air conditioning system to see if I should contact a professional or not.



Heating and air conditioning system