They wish they got to purchase the pond heater locally

Alan and Naomi were fearful that the pond was going to freeze over without a furnace in it. They have been doing so much work in their backyard over the past year and a half. Now their little pond is their pride and joy. They have inspected that thing for months, and they finally got it to look just the way that they wanted it. Alan and Naomi even put in a small waterfall numerous costly fish from the local pond supply store. So, when the weather started to cool down in the fall last year, they wanted to ensure that our pond was going to be able to survive the frosty winter. To be more certain, they wanted to ensure that our fish were going to survive the winter time out there in the pond. That’s when they knew that they were going to search for a furnace for their pond. it wasn’t as easy to find than you might think. Alan and Naomi looked everywhere and they finally ended up ordering online because they could not find a local locale to buy a furnace from. They were mad because they like to shop locally whenever possible. There just aren’t any local outdoor stores with things like furnaces for ponds around here, though. They felt like the store where they bought the fish should have some, however they didn’t. Alan and Naomi think their job is to sell fish, not keep them alive through the winter. Anyway, the furnace worked and their fish are nice now that it’s Springtime again.



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