We laughed at the HVAC technician.

I know it isn’t nice to laugh at someone’s misfortune, but sometimes it is hard to not to laugh.

  • My sister and I were shopping a couple of weeks ago, and we parked in one of those weird parking areas that are marked for quick pickup.

We had a few heavy items we wanted put in the trunk, and thought it would be easier to call ahead and have someone put them in the trunk for us. When we got there, we noticed an HVAC service van pulling another stall. I figured he may have ordered lunch and was waiting for it to be delivered, or possibly he needed some supplies. We didn’t know which, but it was an interesting conversation to say the least. Two minutes later, the HVAC technician opened his door and started to get out. I nudged my sister and asked her how long it would take for him to remember to unhook his seatbelt. She looked over and we started to chuckle as he moved to step out of the van and looked around to see if anyone was watching. He unhooked the seatbelt and once again tried to get out of the HVAC service van. His work shirt got stuck on something, and we watched as it billowed out behind him and he couldn’t move. I wanted to get out and help, but my sister that would embarrass him more. Our order was brought out and once we got loaded, we headed to do more shopping and get lunch. We wondered how long it took for him to get unstuck, No one said I had to be an HVAC tech.

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